January 20111 (b). Have you been to Jesus? ConversationPDF
May 20132. The Year of the Eclipse.ConversationPDF
April 12, 20143. Remember the Children.ConversationPDF
May 05, 20144. Strive to enter in/ Last GenerationConverstionPDF
January 10 20165. All that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. ConversationPDF
May 31, 20147. Son of man, I have made you a Watchman.ConversationPDF
January 20158. The Choice between Life & DeathConversation
March 25, 201810. The True Christian Water Baptism according to Acts 2:38ConversationPDF
June 24, 2018Finally the liberty to tell the truthConversationPDF
December 12, 2018Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness.ConversationPDF
January 06, 2019Who then is a faithful and wise servant. Conversation
January 27, 2019The Danny Episode. Conversation
February 02, 2019Secret PlaceConversation
April 04, 2019Forever is not eternal. Conversation
April 20, 2019PassoverConversation
April 21, 2019ResurrectionConversation
May 05, 2019The Gift Of SalvationConversationPDF
May 26, 2019The Natural Man Versus The Spiritual Man.ConversationPDF
July 14, 2019What Lack I Yet?ConversationPDF
August 29, 2019Satan will come to collect his dues.ConversationPDF
September 01, 2019Preparing For The Journey Ahead. Conversation
September 08, 2019The truth about Hurricane Dorian.Conversation.
September 29, 2019Take HeedConversationPDF