We have only one message because there is only one message; we have only one mission because there is only one mission. This is our passion, trying to tell people of the coming of the Lord and the day that we are living in, for people to prepare for the marriage supper of the Lamb, because at the end of the day if you have not prepared yourself, the King comes in to see if you have on that wedding garment. That wedding garment is believing the message for your day. 

Today is Sunday, March 31, 2024 – We have 362 days left until the middle of the week of Daniel –  Our Daily Bread for today will be – The year of the Eclipse: In it you will find how God led and guided my journey by and unseen hand to where I am today. May God Bless  THE YEAR OF THE ECLIPSE



We are that generation that will see the coming of the Lord. Back in the early ’90s the Lord woke me up at 2 a.m. and said, ‘Sam, I’m coming soon.’ He said it twice, then He gave me Isaiah 55:6. Then He gave me my assignment to expose the leadership for what it is and He let me know when you do it is going to cost you everything. God made a promise to protect my children, and that is the main reason that keeps me going, and why we get up at 6 am and spend time with Him in His Word and songs. That is why we are putting in all our effort and resources trying to wake up a lost and dying world of the hour that we are living in. That is why the Lord got us to put up this website so that people can get ready for that train to Jorden. (Song on YouTube -People get ready) If you don’t care enough about yourself to come on board at least do it for your children’s sake. The only Biblical mandate that I can find to escape is to believe the message for your day.

Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb – Rev 19:9. You are called, you are invited to that marriage supper. That call is not on very long that is why you have to embrace it while that door is open, it is your only exit route out of this hell that is coming on those that live on the earth. You are going to lose it all anyway, so why not give it up voluntarily and gain it all, this material world is going down with Babylon. Put your trust in Jesus, and believe the message for your day.

Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; – Rev 18:20. We are so grateful to God that He has given us the grace to know the day that we are living in, not only that He has given us a platform that whosoever is athirst can have access to this information letthetruthbetold.ca. We can truly rejoice, Babylon is falling, along with that whole religious apparatus and everything that is associated with it, it has only 368 days plus 42 months, and then there will be nothing left of it. Then Rev 11:15 will be in effect. Hallelujah 

God has always had a provided way. From the coming out of Egypt it was the Ten Commandments and circumcision for 1500 years. When Jesus was Crucified, at 33AD, Act 2:38 became God’s provided way for 2000 years – Hosea 6:2, the circumcision had now served its purpose. Since Oct 15/21, the 2000 years for the Grace Age have expired, and Acts 2:38 has served its purpose. And now God’s provided way is the invitation to the marriage supper of the Lamb – Rev 22:17 & Matthew 22:2-14 and that is on for 1260 days until the Pope kills the 2 prophets, when that happens God’s provided way will be Rev 14:13, and that will be in effect until Jesus comes and Satan is bound Rev 20:1-3. We are living in exciting times when you see these things lift your heads and rejoice for your redemption draws nigh – Luke 21:28.

Today is Sunday, March 24, Our Daily Bread for today will be And They Knew Not – http://letthetruthbetold.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/231009___THEY-KNEW-NOT-1.mp3

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it. It has been a tradition of mine for the last number of years to be up before 6 a.m., to spend two hours in His Word and songs, and to do whatever it takes to keep my lamps all trimmed and burning for the bridegroom watch and wait, for I know that He is coming in my lifetime, and I am going to be 77 years next month, and Jesus is coming in my generation for those that will be ready. 

On Sunday, March 24 the Hutterites in Canada and USA have their baptism rituals. I just want to give everyone a heads up don’t allow yourselves to be deceived into thinking that you now have a ticket to glory. The only ticket you now have is you can get married, and you become a member of the Hutterite regime. The Hutterite church is a branch of the Catholic Church, and it is all tied together with Satan’s counterfeit baptism that he instituted at the Nicaea Council in 325 A.D – The Birth of the Roman Catholic Church. What God requires now for this hour is to come and drink out of the water of life freely – Rev 22:17, that invitation to the marriage supper of the Lamb – Rev 19:9. That living water is and has always been the message for your time, and God’s living water for this hour is this website: letthetruthbetold.ca. If you’ve missed any of the Daily Bread readings, you will find them on the website. 

I sure hope you are getting something out of these Daily Bread readings we are just trying to warn the world of what is coming and of the hour that we are living in. The Bible says it will come on like a lasso for those who are not ready. We only have 372 days when Satan is coming down having great wrath – Rev 12:12. The only way to get yourself prepared is to believe the message for your day. The righteous before God is and has always been to believe the message for your time – Gal 3:6. If you missed a Daily Bread reading, you can find it on our website.

Most people love their children, they care for their children and they want what is best for them, and they all want them to have a healthy prosperous life, but at the end of the day all their efforts do not mean anything if God does not remember them, and if God forgets them, and God is not going to forget them if we do our part. Only God knows what is best for our children because He is the one who created them and wants to bless them. The only thing that we can do is to believe the message for our day. When I heard that God sent a prophet in the 20th Century, I believed it and embraced it with a passion, no devil in Hell could get me away from it, although Satan, with his preacher tugs, tried time and time again to get me to deny and to recant. But praise be to God we endured, and to this day we are standing for the truth because we know that we have to endure to the end.

In every generation, God always had a vessel with a message from God for the day and hour. In the days of Hosea, Hosea had the truth for his day, and the people that believed him God did not forget their children, and the people that did not accept it God forgot their children – Hosea 4:6. Noah was the voice in his hour and God did not forget his children and those that did not believe were destroyed in the flood. All throughout Biblical history God has always had a message and a people that would not bend, nor bow, nor bow. It is no different in this hour there are some who will not compromise on the Word of God and God will remember their children. It is not different today, God’s truth and the message for this hour is this website: letthetruthbetold.ca the people that will believe it God will take them to the marriage supper of the Lamb, and the people that do not believe it will be destroyed in the tribulation hour which is only about a year from now. It is and has always been to believe the message for your day.

Here is a good way to start the day “Nun such die Nacht geended hat”. While we are on this journey towards that heavenly city, that New Jerusalem, we have been given this life to prepare for it, and these songs have been given to us to help us keep our Lamps all trimmed and burning for the bridegroom watch and wait. We have to put in an effort because, at the end of the day, it is going to be worth it all. We have a lot to look forward to and may God help us all.

Give us this day our Daily Bread. Let’s see what’s next on God’s Biblical calendar now that the restoration of Israel is on – Numbers 24:16-24. We call it the Miracle War where God is going to help Israel restore their biblical borders that God promised to Abraham. Once that takes place you will see them building their 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. We will keep you posted on what will happen next. In the meantime, we are doing our best to prepare ourselves for the marriage supper – Rev 19:9

Today marks my 33rd anniversary of my exodus out of religious bondage, when my youngest daughter was born at 5 a.m., and at 10 a.m. I had a meeting with my father-in-law, and after that meeting it was obvious it was the beginning of the end for me out of religious bondage into a journey of the unknown led and guided by an unseen hand. I could no longer support a corrupt regime that was anti-Word. It was not an easy step to make but God promised me that He would take care of my children if I let Him use me. It has been a good journey of getting to know God, and to be able to do what is right before God. He opened up His Word and led us to the end-time truth so that we can know the day and hour we are living in. Today we can truly say who is then that faithful and wise servant who the Lord has found faithful and wise to deliver meat in due season Matthew 24:45 and to deliver that living water Revelation 22:17. Many obstacles were along the journey but the Lord has truly been faithful and true, and trustworthy and has delivered us out of them all – Pslams 34:19

A few years ago, I got this phone call from this guy who falsely accused me of being a whore, for shacking up and everything else in between. When he hung up, I just said, Lord you heard all that I’m going to leave it with you, you said – Vengeance is mine I will repay. So here, a few weeks ago, he showed up at my door. I didn’t even know who it was. He had to introduce himself, and when he did, I said – How dare you even come in here, and Lorraine said – You owe Sam an apology. He said that’s what I’m here for. So he genuinely apologized and would not leave until he had the assurance that I had forgiven him. He said he had been through a year of agony. See that was the vengeance of God bringing him here to do the right thing before God. He did the right thing because when he left here, the Lord discharged heavenly angelic bodyguards to his family because he did the right thing before God. Now, when God’s judgment hits this nation, his family will be protected. Like Rahab, they got protection because they did the right thing. Hallelujah to the Lamb

…Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath… Rev 12:12. According to the Biblical blueprint this will begin to happen a year from now. When they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh…1 Thess 5:3 It will be like a lasso, Jesus warned – As it was so shall it be. Luke 17:26 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh Luke 21:28. That’s why it is so important to get ready when the time is to get ready.

Let’s see what the Biblical blueprint tell us about what happens to those people who reject this glorious invitation to this heavenly wedding feast? These people had other priorities and excuses all were focused on materialism, it says the King was mad, and He sent in His army to kill and to burn up their cities – Matthew 22:7 & Luke 14. This invitation is open now to whosoever will. – Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. Rev 19:9

God has given Satan 6000 years to test mankind to see who is going to be found worthy to go into the age of regeneration (1000 years) – Matthew 19:28, and then into the eternal age, and Satan’s 6000 years run out in 2028. Before that, he gets 42 months to unleash Hell on Earth. The bride will be gone and the Holy Spirit is gone, – 2 Thessalonians 2:7, and he has free reign on earth. It will be called the tribulation, and that is the Biblical blueprint.

Now that it is an established fact what that living water is and that the invitation to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is on for whosoever will, we have to realize that before leaving this earth the King comes in to check if everybody has on that wedding garment and that wedding garment is and has always been to believe the message for your day and hour.  Noah had the message for his day and was saved from the flood; the same with Lot.

What is that living water? 

Well if you are anything like me, I searched for years what that living water could be. I thought when the time is right God will let me know. 

Then one day we got this email from this man saying that he had been searching for the truth for many years. Then one day he had a dream the Lord came to him and told him I will show you tomorrow where the truth is. The next day he went on the internet and the Lord led him to our website letthetruthbetold.ca. I am not making this up we still have all the emails. He was very excited for months, and then one day we lost contact with him. Then some years later we connected with him, and he was in a very bad state spiritually, physically, and mentally. He was living in a warehouse, homeless, his wife left him and we were wondering how he ended up in such a bad state. Then one night the Lord gave me a scripture: For my people have committed two evils, they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters… -Jeremiah 2:13. He also gave Lorraine one: Which have forsaken the right way… -2 Peter 2:15. So this is not our words, that is the God of Heaven speaking to us through His Word, and now we all know what that living water is. Now I can truly say it is this here website, and it is all part of that invitation to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb -Rev 22:17. If you want more information on that episode you can listen to that message: The Matthew Cox episode. And now you know the truth and the truth will set you free. 

Today is March 9, 2024, there are 384 days left until Satan is kicked out from Heaven and he comes down having great wrath because he knows he only has 42 months, there will be Hell on Earth you will not want to be here – Rev 12:12. There is only one escape – the invitation to the Marriage Supper – whosoever will let him come, let him that is athirst come – Rev 22:17. After 42 months Satan is bound a 1000 years – Reve 20: 1-3. Then Jesus comes to rule & reign for 1000 years – Rev 20:4 & Rev 11:15. Hallelujah to the Lamb 

Now that “some” of the history has been written about all the corruption in the Hutterite church it is becoming more and more obvious that I was put into exile by these people who call themselves preachers because I refused to become a partaker of their evil deeds Ephesians 6:12 because I read what happened to Lucifer and his supporters with God being the same yesterday today and forever I could no longer support that regime and to this day I am made out to be the bad guy because I stood up against it but God knows all about it – Hebrews 10:30