January 20111 (a). Have you been to Jesus? Pt.1Conversation
January 20111 (b). Have you been to Jesus? Pt. 2ConversationPDF
May 20132. The Year of the Eclipse.ConversationPDF
April 12, 20143. Remember the Children.ConversationPDF
May 05, 20144. Strive to enter in/ Last GenerationConverstionPDF
January 10 20165. All that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. ConversationPDF
January 03 20166. Seek ye the Lord while He may be found part 2ConversationPDF
May 31, 20147. Son of man, I have made you a Watchman.Conversation
January 20158. The Choice between Life & DeathConversation
October 09, 20169. A Wise Man Built His House Upon A Rock.ConversationPDF
March 25, 201810. The True Christian Water Baptism according to Acts 2:38ConversationPDF
February 04, 201811 (a).Traditions and Religion verses Christianity and Biblical Truths. Part 1Conversation
February 11, 201811 (b).Traditions and Religion verses Christianity and Biblical Truths. Part 2Conversation
February 18, 201811 (c).Traditions and Religion verses Christianity and Biblical Truths. Part 3ConversationPDF
December 12, 201712. Why you must be Born Again.ConversationPDF
April 201413. Genuine ThanksgivingConverstion
December 201414. Why we do not celebrate ChristmasConversationPDF
January 19, 201415. God always has a way of an escape.ConversationPDF
September 14, 1417. Jealousy Conversation
December 201418. Why we must be Baptized in Jesus Name. ConversationPDF
October 11, 201419. As it was in the days of Enoch.Conversation
January 15, 201720. Don't lose hope its never to late to start. ConversationPDF
January 08, 201721. Staying connected to the vine.Conversation
September 18, 201622. God has man's best interest at heart. Conversation
August 21, 1623. Let's just love Jesus. Conversation
July 17, 201624. Walking with Jesus.Conversation
June 26, 201625. All Things CommonConversationPDF
July 02, 2016All Things Common. Part 2.Conversation
May 16, 201626. I have learned to depend upon His WordConversation
May 23, 101627. Gather my saints unto me those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice. Conversation
October 26, 2013 No man knoweth the day or hour.ConversationPDF
February, 2014It's the Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom Pt.2Conversation
January 2015Crucifying the fleshConversation
February 2015The Invitation to the Wedding SupperConversation
April CommunionConversationPDF
May 2015Planet Earth God's Laboratory.Conversation
June 2015Be Sober Be Vigilant Pt.2Conversation
June 2015Be Sober Be Vigilant Pt.3Conversation
July 2015Prepare for War.Conversation
January 17 2016The Invitation to the marriage supperConversation
January 24 2016The shaking of all thingsConversation
April 25, 2016A little leaven leaveneth the whole lumpConversationPDF
May 08, 2016There is nothing new under the sun.Conversation
December 12, 2018Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness.ConversationPDF
December 31, 2018Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness. Pt. 2Conversation
January 06, 2019Who then is a faithful and wise servant. Conversation
January 27, 2019The Danny Episode. Conversation
February 02, 2019Secret PlaceConversation
March 31, 2019Without Jesus we are null and void.Conversation
April 04, 2019Forever is not eternal. Conversation
April 20, 2019PassoverConversation
April 21, 2019ResurrectionConversation
May 05, 2019The Gift Of SalvationConversationPDF
May 26, 2019The Natural Man Versus The Spiritual Man.ConversationPDF
July 14, 2019What Lack I Yet?ConversationPDF
August 29, 2019Satan will come to collect his dues.ConversationPDF
September 01, 2019Preparing For The Journey Ahead. Conversation
September 08, 2019The truth about Hurricane Dorian.Conversation
September 29, 2019Take HeedConversationPDF